Aporkalypse (original world)

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This article is about the world known as APK. For RPK, Temporks, and the server in general, see the Main Page article.
Aporkalypse (original world)
APK Spawn statues.
Notable builds New Ham, Porkton, Tattoine, more
Opening date 2010-08-04
Closing date Current
Duration Over 3 years

Aporkalypse is the largest, oldest, and most diverse world in the Aporkalypse multiverse. It has been in continuous operation since August 4, 2010, with the exception of late fall 2011 and early summer 2012, when it was temporarily down due to upgrade incompatibility issues. It is currently operated as a secondary world to Repork.


World Details

The Aporkalypse world is extremely large, measuring approximately 33 by 33 km, consisting of about 5 million generated chunks, and occupying about 25 GB of disk space. It was offline from September to December 2011 due to problems with upgrades. At the time of its December 2011 reinstatement, it introduced a snow wall at the 16384 and -16384 coordinates. All chunks within the snow wall were "old" chunks and mobs were off, while chunks outside the snow wall were "new" chunks and mobs were on. This allowed a diversity of game play on the same server. However due to server load issues, all hostile mobs were turned off in January 2012 and it remains that way to this day. The vast majority of Minecraft builds are on Apork, and it remains a favored creative building location due to the absence of destructive mobs.

Getting around

Apork has a surprisingly extensive system of roads and even several major Intersnout System expressways. The fastest way to travel long distances, however, is to use the Nether Hub Network (NHN).


Maps of the original Aporkalypse world can be found at the Aporkalypse maps page.

Public release

The owner, TooMuchPete, agreed in June 2012 to eventually release the original Aporkalypse world to the public. Due to the large (25 GB) size of the files, distribution would be through a combination of torrents and physical sharing. This plan was cancelled in August 2012 due to the reactivation of this world.

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