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Moderation Philosophy

In line with the server rules, mods should give players the benefit of the doubt and typically assume ignorance rather than malice. That said, our community is not for everyone. It requires a mature player capable of ignoring whatever griefing type instincts they might have. Players who cannot, or will not, abide by the rules should be removed from the server.

In most cases, we'd prefer to talk with the player and explain why what they did was unacceptable and give them a chance to learn from that and move on as a member.

If the player isn't immediately available to talk about the issues, the mod should make a judgment call about whether or not it would be dangerous for the player to be allowed back onto the server without having had the issues addressed. Some of the things a mod should take into consideration: the player's length of time on the server, his or her track record for playing well with others, the severity and reach of the issue, any ambiguity or possible legitimate explanations, and when the actions took place.

Remember that bans are reversible, and the sysadmins can modify the groups of offline members.

During all of the above, remember that for many of our members, as a mod you are a representative of the MeFightClub powers that be, so act with that in mind.

Group Structure

  • Permatourist -- (Black name) Can look around, but cannot mine or place blocks or open chests.
  • Tourist -- (Dark gray name) Same as permatourist, except this rank can use /authme to upgrade to guest after agreeing to the TOS.
  • Guest -- (Light-gray name) Has access to most all server functions, except that they cannot use fire. After a period of good membership, the player may be upgraded to member by a mod or admin.
  • Member -- (White name) An established member of the server. These users may participate in establishing hubs and use fire.
  • VIP -- not currently in use.
  • Mod -- (Cyan name) May kick, ban, change a user's group and use LogBlock commands. A mod may also teleport to players for server business. Mods may not teleport to players for personal convenience.
  • Admin -- (Red name) May use any command or feature of the server.

Promotion Guidelines

Promotion should not be a strict, time-based event. It's not a matter of idling for X number of days. Rather, the point is to ensure that someone isn't just hanging around to get the tools to grief, and to make it more likely that they feel a personal investment in the server and its community.

To that end, moderators should first consider their comfort level with the individual they're considering promoting from guest to member. If a moderator believes that the person is a good fit for the server, and they've demonstrated that over a not-insignificant period of time, we shouldn't be too concerned with exactly how many days they've been a guest or how many hours they've played.

For example, a player who comes to the server and is immediately engaging, helpful, and respectful might be promoted in a day or two, while another player who doesn't interact much with others and mostly (as far as anyone knows) is just idling, should probably be put off for longer.

The primary goal is that we want to make the barrier very difficult to mount for the casual griefer, but not too bothersome for legitimate players. We also want to give folks some time to understand the server boundaries and expected community standards before we set them loose on the world.

Similarly, if a long-standing, active member of MeFightClub decides to pick up minecraft and hop on the server, it can generally be assumed that they can be given member status immediately. Similarly, personal friends of regular, respected members of the server are likely to see membership rather quickly, provided their friend is willing to vouch for their ability to play nice.

In the end, though, the decision to promote should be based on personal experience and the assertions of other people the moderator trusts. Other moderators can be consulted, and any iffy situations can be run by an admin . . . but the admin shouldn't have to make all of the promotion decisions. Also, moderators should feel free to have private chats with the prospective member to make sure they understand the rules, if that seems warranted.

Mod Commands

  • /help -- not unique to mods, but mod commands will appear in this menu
  • /kick playername
  • /ban playername
  • /tp playername -- teleports the mod to the player
  • /grouplist -- a list of groups mods can move users from and to
  • /setgroup playername groupname -- Moves a player into a group. The user must be online. Also, the player's current AND destination group must be present in the /grouplist listing.
  • /lb -- displays world modifications in the immediate area
    • /lb world -- displays world-wide stats. Very slow command, please do not use.
    • /lb player (playername) -- displays the player's edits in the immediate area
    • /lb area (number) -- displays world modifications in a number-block radius.
    • /lb block (blockname) -- displays block placement/destruction in the immediate area

All of the /lb commands can be very slow, and they will look like they aren't working at first, but might come back 5-10 seconds later. Be patient. Running the command again will not speed up the process (quite the opposite, in fact)

In addition, the block log may be queried at a specific coordinate by right-clicking a block with a wooden sword. Mods may acquire wooden swords by /kit command.

Moderator List

  • TooMuchPete* (Server Admin)
  • ariffraff
  • arcolz
  • beardlace
  • BluPrince
  • btford
  • Diskeater
  • feantari
  • FishBike
  • FriscoBowie
  • frogpaste
  • gJigsaw*
  • greenie2600
  • johnstein
  • joshmillard (cortex)
  • mapcratic
  • Merulus (majick)
  • mistersc* (SC)
  • mkarasek* (Mr. Pokeylope)
  • MrsGemstone (gemmy)
  • odinsdream*
  • rollbiz
  • rov4416444* (cj_)
  • samworm
  • sdoleck (sdo, sdo-qu)
  • sesquiculus
  • Snjo
  • spankt (Kimberley, et al.)
  • Synssins*
  • tsaomao* (kalessin - server admin only - mod only in extreme emergencies)
  • thewonderchicken (StavrosTheWonderChicken)
  • UOG
  • zureal*
  • popeguilty

* - denotes server access (for restarts, etc.)

Members willing to be mods

  • Add your minecraft name here...