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Check out the Launch Punchlist -- contact TooMuchPete to get an account.
Main Page

Established: August 4, 2010

Owner/Admin: TooMuchPete


Connection info: See

Aporkalypse is a multiplayer Minecraft survival world created in August 2011 by TooMuchPete. The server address is Aporkalypse prides itself on architecture, artistic vision, and the fact that nearly all projects are built piece by piece in survival mode. Aporkalypse does not impose the strict HOA-type rules about building seen on a lot of other servers: there are no assigned plots, and property can be as tightly or loosely claimed as players like. The result is unique shared infrastructure, dozens of town sites, and countless community builds. Furthermore, the server uses unbounded game space, so you can walk as far as you like to find an ideal homestead.

All players agree to the server's posted rules as a condition of play. New players enter the game as tourists (see below), with limited abilities, and must be approved by a moderator to become full members. The server may not always use the most current version of the game engine, so if you get an "outdated server" error, you may need to change your client version.


Worlds in Aporkalypse

The APK Aporkalypse world is about the same size as Los Angeles, with developed territory extending from z=-22000 to 20000 (42 km).

Reporkalypse (RPK)

Mode: Survival   Difficulty: Normal
This is the primary game world, and where all new players enter the game, at the Reporkalypse Spawn Community Center. Typing /spawn will instantly teleport you back to Spawn from anywhere on the server. Repork features Minecraft V1.2 terrain, hostile [Mob]s, and a relatively small developed area, with nearly all significant builds within 2 km of Spawn. This makes it a great place to build a home or start a new project. It's the "wild west" of the server. The world also includes two alternate dimensions, The Nether and The End.

Aporkalypse (APK)

Mode: Survival   Difficulty: Peaceful
This was Aporkalypse's primary world from August 4, 2010 until May 24, 2012, and was put back online in December 2012 as a secondary game world. It features a very large explored area spanning over 1000 km2, with significant development throughout. In this respect, APK is much larger than RPK. It also offers the advantage of no hostile mobs, allowing elaborate construction work without interruption. An inner zone, consisting of old Minecraft beta terrain, is bounded by a snow wall 32 x 32 km wide, centered on Spawn. Newer Minecraft V1.1 terrain and villages exist outside the wall. New users wanting to explore Aporkalypse history should thoroughly explore APK, since it was the very first Aporkalypse world and has probably 95% of the historically significant builds. Apork is entered at the diamond block wall in the Reporkalypse Spawn Community Center, and is exited by typing /spawn.

Pigdig (PIG)

Mode: Survival   Difficulty: Normal
Pigdig is for the sole purpose of gathering resources, which can be brought back to Spawn in a player's inventory for use elsewhere. It is entered at the emerald block wall in the Repork Spawn Community Center, and exited by typing /spawn. Players are not discouraged from building in Pigdig, as long as they recognize that it is temporary and may be reset, replaced or deleted at any time. Likewise, players are not forced to have to use PIG for resources, rather it is there for convenience. Pigdig is often replaced when a major Minecraft update is released, so that players can access new world features without disturbing the existing Apork and Repork worlds.


Mode: Survival   Difficulty: Normal
Sometimes it is necessary to take down Aporkalypse until a stable Minecraft server mod is available. During this time, a temporary "Tempork" world will be provided and APK, RPK, and PIG will not be available. The Tempork world is traditionally retired once the original worlds are ready again. Occasionally, a secondary server known as "Beans" may be put online for testing purposes. It does not substitute for Aporkalypse or Tempork.

About the Community

Aporkalypse is a Minecraft server and world for members of MeFight Club. MeFight Club is a semi-private adult gaming community consisting mostly of MetaFilter members, and friends and family of MetaFilter members. Mefight Club is a gaming community with over 1300 members, and is much more than just a place to chat about the Aporkalypse and Minecraft. You'll need to create an account on MeFight Club to get authorized to build things on the Aporkalypse server (see Authorization below), and while it's fine to sign up just for authorization purposes, we hope that you'll join in the fun with the larger MeFight Club community.

MeFight Club is owned and run by stavrosthewonderchicken, and TooMuchPete is the owner of the Aporkalypse server.

Images and videos of creations from the Aporkalypse can be found at Mefightcraft. Many informative, funny, and entertaining Aporkalypse videos can also be found on the YouTube channels of Synssins and Mapcratic.

Important things to know

The spirit of the the server is simply "make it a more awesome place for everyone", a quality known as being "rotato". The full list of rules and expected behavior are listed at the Aporkalypse Rules and Community Standards page. Before you can play, you'll need to create an account on and buy a copy of Minecraft. Please read the Starter Guide to Aporkalypse and the Aporkalypse FAQ for more information geared towards new players. Run Minecraft.exe and log in with your user name and password. Click the Multiplayer button. You'll be prompted for the server address to connect to. See the server page for the information. If you're not able to connect, please see the Aporkalypse FAQ for troubleshooting advice and suggestions.

Authorization and Player Levels

To help reduce griefing, the Aporkalypse has several different player levels. When the user types something in Minecraft chat, their name will be colored according to the scheme below, indicating their level.

  • Guest (gray): All visitors are given guest privileges. You are allowed to roam around, but cannot make changes to the world.
  • Member (white): Members gain the ability to build. You cannot authorize yourself as a member. Instead, a moderator can promote you to member level after a period of good behaviour and community interaction, both on the Aporkalypse server and in the larger MeFight Club community. Please read the Aporkalypse Rules and Community Standards for information about promotions.
  • Moderator (cyan): Moderators have extra features available to them to help with the smooth operation of the server, and to investigate and resolve problems. They may kick or ban users, change their player level, and use auditing commands. Moderators are chosen by the server administrator, TooMuchPete.
  • Administrator (red): Administrators have full control over the server and world, including database and server operations. TooMuchPete is the owner and the only official administrator, though a few users such as mistersc and tsaomao have administrative powers.

Difficulty Level

The difficulty depends on which world the player is in. Hostile mobs are turned off only in the Apork overworld. For all other worlds and dimensions, hostile mobs are on. Player damage, including fall damage, is on.

Getting Around

Automatically generated and player-made maps are available to help you find your way around the world. For maps of the current server, see Reporkalypse. For maps of the retired server, see the Aporkalypse Map page.

Server Commands

Server commands are typed in the chat windows, and start with a slash. Typing /help will display a list of the available commands. Please see Aporkalypse Server Commands for more information about these commands.

Server Features

The server uses several mods and plugins to provide features not present on a plain Minecraft server. These include:

  • CraftBook for elevators. To make an elevator, just put two signs at the same X/Z coordinate but at different heights, and use [Lift Up] or [Lift Down], as appropriate, on the second line of the sign text. The first line should contain a description of what floor the sign is at. Note: This often does not work on our Tempork servers.
  • Special commands you can type in the chat window, such as /whois.
  • Multi-tiered authorization levels and a team of moderators to help reduce griefing.
  • Fire is set to not spread due to avoid catastrophic damage incidents.

Message Boards

  • Aporkalypse Discussion Board is the primary location for discussion about the Aporkalypse server and to get information on server outages and upcoming changes.
  • Mefight Game Discussions contains older Aporkalypse messages from the time that MeFightClub sponsored Aporkalypse. This remains probably the best gaming community on the Internet, and it should be your number one stop for any non-Minecraft titles. It's also a good idea to say hello in the Introduce Yourselves thread.

In-game Chat and IRC Channel

In-game chat is always server-wide. Messages are prefixed with the world that the player is in: RPO (Repork Overworld), RPN (Repork Nether), RPE (Repork End), APK (Aporkalypse Overworld), APN (Aporkalypse Nether), or PIG (Pigdig). As of November 2012 there was no End in Aporkalypse or Nether or End in Pigdig, so those worlds do not have codes.

There's also an IRC channel for the server:

  • Server:
  • Channel: #Aporkalypse

The IRC channel is a good place to get in touch with administrators and moderators about any urgent situations, such as the server being down or griefing in progress.

Aporkalypse Member Reference