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Through much of 2010 and 2011, Apork used a system of warp commands and warp portals, which offered instantaneous transportation between hubs across the Apork world. These were eliminated in the summer of 2011, mostly to reduce dependency on third-party mods. Since then, all long-distance transportation on APK is usually done through the Nether Hub Network (NHN). A NHN was never built in RPK (Reporkalypse) as the Overnether had become available and was much more preferable to tunneling through netherrack.



Diagram of the Nether Hub Network (blue lines) as of July 29, 2011. Red, gray, and black lines are tunnels and local rail networks.

The Nether Hub Network is a network of tram lines connecting the hubs of the Aporkalypse Hub System together through the Nether. Construction began in July 2011 and the system was inaugurated on August 1. It remains the backbone of long-distance transportation in Aporkalypse. Transportation through the Nether is preferred because distances are eight times closer in the Nether than they are in the overland dimension. If you don't like the Nether, you can, of course, use the regular overworld Aporkalypse Tram Systems network or walk using roads like the Intersnout highways.

Travelers can reach the NHN by journeying to Apork, where they arrive at the old Apork spawn pad. From there, travelers face east and locate the obsidian stepping stones. Followed these to the double portal and enter either one. Once in the Nether, look for the sign marked NHN [Lift Up] and right-click on the sign. It may take a couple of clicks for the lift to work. This lift places you at the Spawn NHN train station. Place your minecart on the starting rail block and press the button corresponding to your desired destination.

Engineering information

For those wanting to make connections or renovate the NHN network, be aware that it is a system that is the property of the Aporkalypse community. The creation of official NHN stations or the direct attachment of rail lines to NHN tracks is not allowed without a positive group consensus on the forums. It is permissible, without permission, to co-locate a private or regional rail system at an NHN station as long as the tracks do not join (i.e. it requires a change of trains) and does not interfere with NHN routing. For those building approved NHN routes, all NHN lines are required to be built with the rails at height 111. This means the F3 display will show Y=112.62 when standing on the tracks. Since there will most likely be 2m deep ditches beside the tracks, the floor of NHN tunnels should be 2m lower than this, at height 109 (F3 shows Y=110.62 when standing on the tunnel floor). NHN tramline tunnels should be 5x5, with the tracks raised up 2 blocks above the floor and 1 block in from the walls, so that there are 2-block deep ditches at the edges of the tunnel. The center block between the tracks remains undecided, but proposals include another 2m deep ditch between the tracks, or a walking path built 1.5m high using a block + half block, so that it is only .5m below track level but does not allow pigmen to spawn on it. Nether-Side portals should be moved as close as possible to the co-ordinates matching the top-side portal at each hub. To determine where the nether-side portal should be, visit the top-side portal and press F3 to display co-ordinates. Note the X, Y, and Z values. To calculate the ideal location of the nether-side portal, divide the top-side portal's X and Z values by 8 (leaving the Y value unchanged). The equator (x=0) above Nether level 110 is community property and will serve as the primary right-of-way for the NHN; structures should not be built in this zone.

APK hubs

The concept of hubs dates back to the old /warp system, where a location had to be significant for it to be added as a warp destination. Today, the hubs are known as NHN stations, listed as follows. Coordinates are overworld coordinates followed by a slash and the nether coordinates.

Overnether network

Effective with V1.2.1 (3/1/2012), the world height was raised to y=255. In the overworld, the new space from 128 to 255 was filled mostly with air, but in the Nether, the Hell biome was capped at 127, leaving a bedrock slab at 128 and air above. This space above the Nether was known as the Overnether and was entirely free of mobs. A few admins teleported above the bedrock and installed a lift at Netherspawn to allow players access to the Overnether, where they could then install their own lifts. This led to installation of rail and a largely unregulated "Overnether Hub Network" in RPK's Overnether. The Overnether was slow to catch on in APK due to the large reach of the NHN, and only a single line from Overspawn to the South Pole existed as of summer 2013. There is no regulation of the Overnether in any of the worlds and players are welcome to build express roads or connections in this zone.