Slaughterhouse 5

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The contents of Slaughterhouse 5, revealed, during a momentary chunk error.

Slaughterhouse 5 (S5) is a private grinding center which is available for public use. It is located in APK and owned by mistersc.

Mob grinder

Slaughterhouse 5 became the primary community mob grinder in May 2011 after monsters were re-enabled on the Aporkalypse server. A mob grinder is essentially a dark tank which causes numerous monsters to spawn, where they eventually fall into a trap without harm to bystanders, and a current of water washes the monsters' belongings to a singular collection point.

The first generation of mob grinders were completely automated, dropping mobs onto a killing floor and washing their goods to the player, who was usually idling. Recent changes to Minecraft require the player to directly attack mobs in order to get XP, which is needed for enchantments. So second-generation grinders now funnel mobs directly in front of players, who then deliver the finishing blow. Slaughterhouse 5 was not upgraded to second-generation capability.


One of the architects, mistersc, recalled in a January 2011 forum post:

"Graeleight / Bonzai and I had both seen the video for the Mob Tower and finally a few days before hostile mobs were due to appear on the server he said, "We really need to make one of these" to which I responded, "Well, I have a 21x21 pit already dug down to about 30, so ..." and from there history was made. Graeleight did all of the difficult stuff, the killing floor and etc. I mainly did the walls and the water work, and the skeleton / scaffolding for the levels. The project was mainly Graeleight's but I love it so much I can't not include it."

Slaughterhouse 5 nowadays

With the rise of Reporkalypse and the change in mob grinder mechanics, mistersc chose to dismantle the mob grinder and convert Slaughterhouse 5 into a farm. It now serves as an excellent source of melons and pumpkins.

Slaughterhouse 5 is located in APK about 700 m northwest of Spawn and is best accessed by going into Netherspawn and following the signs northwest. Players can also take the Spawn Tram west to the Carpal Tunnel, then take the Carpal Tunnel line a few hundred meters to the north. The original collection areas were underground at roughly level y=40 and still exist to this day.