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Sometimes, usernames on MeFightClub don't match the usernames in Minecraft. And since we have a nickname function on our server, sometimes people use a nickname. So we can know who's who, here is a list of folks on MFC and their corresponding names in Minecraft as well as the nickname they use. If they don't use a nickname, or if their MFC and MC names are the same, the field is left blank.

Minecraft Name MC Nick MFC Name
7_cadillacs Larry David
brenfast Breakfast
cimbrog Charred Husk
dwroelands Duane
ehassler Snackrifice!
Everians Severian Severian
gJigsaw Jigsaw
Graeleight Grae Bonzai
grjohnst Acton
HojoSIAM slawterer
merulus majick
mikeside Innocent Bystander
mistersc sc mistersc
mizuhana Meagan
mkarasek Mr. Pokeylope
MrsGemstone Gemmy
MySpoonlsTooBig clearly
mvgoins curious nu
8thorps octothorpe
sdoleck sdo sdoleck
SenorRoboto N/A Senor.Roboto
snordalisk helicomatic
Synssins Syns Synthesis
thewonderchicken stavrosthewonderchicken
worstkevinever snapped
tsaomao tsao kalessin