Aporkalypse Rules and Community Standards

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  • Rules and community standards. The primary rules page is located here.
  • New users. If you are a guest, use your time in-game for getting familiar with all the major landmarks, understanding how to use all the commands (type /help when in game), using available maps here in the Wiki, and using in-game chat for brief comments or questions about your exploration discoveries. This is a process that is intended to weed out drive-by griefers and individuals who may not be compatible with our community. Use your time out-of-game to visit the Mefightclub community and understand how to find the latest announcements and changes for Reporkalypse.
  • Membership approval. You will get membership only when a long-standing member or moderator personally vouches for you. They are putting their reputation on the line to guarantee your good conduct. Understandably, this process may take days or weeks. If there is a major community build taking place and a moderator is on-site, you may be able to get probationary membership so that a moderator can observe your work and evaluate your "rotato-ness". Ask if you can help, but don't take offense if they cannot accommodate you, as the moderator may be busy, distracted, or about to log off.
  • Minors. Most of our members range from 20 to 40 years old, and officially there is no expectation that users limit in-game discussion to "family friendly" topics. Minors are generally not allowed on Aporkalypse unless they demonstrate maturity and an exceptional degree of rotato-ness, or are under the direct supervision of an adult member of Aporkalypse.