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Aporkalypse server commands are listed as follows. Bear in mind that some commands may not be available in Tempork.

Interacting with other players
/motd Shows the names of all players currently logged on to Aporkalypse. The /motd will actually show ranks so you can find who is a moderator.
/me MESSAGE Posts an action to the chat window. For example, /me laughs will cause *PlayerName laughs to appear in the chat window.
/kill Commits suicide. Useful if you are stuck and want to get back to your bed location.
/msg PLAYERNAME MESSAGE (Same as /tell) Sends a private message to the specified player. The message will show up in their chat window with a (MSG) prefix. Be careful with this command, if you mis-type it, everyone might see your message instead of just the specified player!
/nick NICKNAME Changes the appearance of your in-game name temporarily. Players will still have to type your original nickname in order to send you a private message. /removenick to remove the nickname. Frivolous use of /nick is discouraged.
/removenick Removes a nickname
Server Information Commands
/help Shows the help menu. Type /help 2 and /help 3 to see additional pages. This command listing may be slightly different than what you see on this page.
/motd Re-displays the message of the day that appears after you first connect and list all players with their ranks.
/sethome Saves your current location in the world as your "home".
/home Instantly transports you to your previously saved "home" location.
/spawn Instantly transports you to the spawn location (where everyone starts out the first time they log on). This is usually the fastest way to get to the Aporkalypse Hub System.
/compass Tells you which direction you're facing.
/version Gets the server version number.
/plugins Lists plugins on the server.
Discontinued or inoperative commands
/repair The repair command used to allow the repair of a tool with a small amount of whichever material it was made of. This was discontinued in May 2012.
/kit The kit command used to allow players to receive a free item every day. This was discontinued in May 2012.
/danger The danger command used to display the current status of your location as "safe" or "dangerous" when mob exclusion zones were in effect. See the Difficulty Level section for information about what this means.