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Aporkalypse tram systems are part of the Overworld (non-Nether) transportation structure and connect nearly all of the major cities with one another. Although the term "overworld" is used, this means the NON-Nether world; most of the overworld rail is in underground tunnels. Due to the massive speed advantages of Nether transport, the tram network was only popular during spring 2011 and remains mostly a means of for local exploration or local transport. Still, there are probably over 100 km of overland rail across the map.

The server uses Craftbook to provide some useful minecart enhancements.

Tram line builders can post about changes to stations on the tram line changes page.


Tram system maps

The map shown on this page may not be up-to-date and edits should not be done on this image. 800px

Other Maps

A png of a "simplified" map:

This file was last updated on 05/25

Also see the Aporkalypse Map and Aporkalypse World Atlas pages for additional maps.

Older tram maps

Older versions of the tram maps are located here. These should not be used for navigation unless the tram map above cannot be downloaded. These maps also use outdated colour schemes.

Route schematic, courtesy of btford (outdated):

Infrastructure map, courtesy of crapmatic (outdated) ( ultra-high resolution version is here: http://min.us/lmdZEm ):

Tram system building tips

Designers should carefully consult Minecraft track basics and Craftbook links (control blocks, interaction blocks, dispensers). However, Aporkalypse uses brick for sorters, not netherstone. Optimal booster spacing is still being worked out, but for gold ore boosters, a spacing of about 100 meters is generally sufficient on flat, straight runs. It is recommended you build track on top of stone, not on gravel or other surfaces, as some materials cause the carts to slow down.

Station launchers can be built without redstone by placing a button 1 meter perpendicular to the obsidian block, each facing broadside to each other. If redstone is used, you must lay the redstone down so that one end of the redstone trail visibly "points" to the edge of the obsidian block, and the other end connects to one of the sides of the button. Quite often a compact station design will fail due to the redstone short circuiting or failing to take a proper path. Station launch failures are also sometimes due to the designer forgetting to put a sign underneath the obsidian with [Station] on the second line.

An efficient, compact station layout can take considerable time and lots of trial and error to develop. Btford reports, "Here is a station I plan on using as my standard on my eastern Westerly Line stops."


Designers are invited to share their favorite station layouts here.

Tram system design standards

Official Station Names

Essential for using the /st command.

Southwest (red) line.

  • Eddo
  • South Hub
  • Depths
  • Great Tree
  • Well

Eastern Loop

  • vaux --- divert onto Vauxhall/Algebracon spur
  • floaty --- Big Floaty Notional Park

Blue Tangle.

Western Loops.

Station Coordinates

Southwest (Red) Line

  • Eddo's Tomb: X 1872, Z 879, Y 42
  • South Hub: X 1499, Z 966, Y 70
  • Ford Depths: X 1415, Z 2198, Y 43
  • Great Tree Temple: X 1840, Z 2265, Y 42
  • Well of Souls: X 2028, Z 2551, Y 42
  • Ankh-Morpork Tourist Guild: X 1972, Z 2858, Y 43

Ankh Local

  • Tower of Art: X 2051, Z 2865, Y 66
  • The Shades: X 1874, Z 2862, Y 43
  • Ankh Hill: X 1872, Z 2718, Y 43
  • Take It to the Bridge: X 1607, Z 2623, Y 43

New Ham Line

  • Spawn: X -22, Z -47, Y 12
  • Frogpaste's Domain: X 158, Z -70, Y 22

SE Line

  • SE Junction: X 3905, Z -1622, Y 15
  • pantsland: X 4247, Z -2338, Y 65
  • New Chunks Community Mine: X 3898, Z -1337, Y 13
  • Subduction Zone: X 2980, Z -1622, Y 15
  • Tincanbot Citadel: X 2419, Z -1622, Y 15

Diskeater/Porkton Line

  • Carpal Junction (Porkton): X -1817, Z -534
  • Tower Valley: X -3860, Z 237
  • Disk Station: X -5182, Z -848

Besterly Rail Lines

Please visit the Besterly Rail Station page for further information.

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