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Aporkalypse dictionary and lexicon. This page contains terminology you may hear often in the game. Please don't include minor builds in this listing, only those that are known by many players and are an important part of Aporkalypse history.

  • Big Room. The name for any community-built massive underground room. The first was built on Tempork 2, the second in APK (near Sunrise), and the third and fourth were in Tempork 3 and 4. Similar projects include "Big Dig" (Tempork 4), two Stronghold Excavations (one in Tempork 5 and the other in RPK east of Spawn), and "Space Dig" (APK near Northwest Pole).
  • Carpal Tunnel. A 2 km underground tunnel in APK linking Spawn to Porkton. It also contains an aquaduct which was used for safe boat transit before the rise of trams and nether travel.
  • Chicken grinders. Players may be puzzled about finding massive chicken grinder complexes, such as ARiffRaff's grinders near APK Hub St John, Mad Men southwest of APK Porkton, and Egg Drop at APK Southeast Pole. In early 2012 the server ran in peaceful mode, and when XP was first introduced the only method for obtaining it was by killing mobs. Chickens grinders proved to be the most efficient way of doing getting this XP. This has been replaced with blaze grinding and smelting.
  • Chorizo Tunnel. This was one of the first long-distance tunnels ever built, extending southwest from Porkton (APK) to CJ's Grinder complex and sand mine. It is further noteworthy in that it travels diagonally.
  • Frogpaste Caverns. A very large underground lair in APK close to 0,0 that was hand-dug by Frogpaste over many, many months in 2011. It still represents the pinnacle of achievement by one person. It can be accessed inside a fountain near APK Old Spawn.
  • Gary. A nickname for any creeper, usually one lurking around construction projects.
  • Hamhattan. The largest city on the center, located in RPK about 0.5 km northwest of Spawn. Players desiring an urban setting and who don't mind hostile mobs should build here.
  • Intersnout. The largest class of overworld road in APK and RPK. Nearly all towns are served by an Intersnout. See Intersnout System.
  • Mail Room. A room in the community center with chests. Each player owns a chest. Here they can receive supplies and gifts from other players.
  • MFC. See MeFightClub.
  • MeFightClub (MFC). This is the community at www.mefightclub.com, which originally co-hosted Aporkalypse. Aporkalypse still maintains close ties with the MFC community.
  • Netherspawn. The part of the Nether near 0,0, corresponding roughly to the location of Spawn.
  • Old Spawn. This usually refers to the original Spawn point used before April 2011, on an elevated wooden floor in APK at -20,-40.
  • S5. See Slaughterhouse 5.
  • Slaughterhouse 5. This was originally a mob grinder complex that was eventually converted into a farm. It is located in APK a little less than a mile northwest of Spawn.
  • Snow wall. A large snow block wall on the APK server about 17 km from Spawn, which was part of a canceled project to divide hostile mob zones from mob-free zones.
  • Tempork. A new Minecraft world that serves as a temporary incarnation of Aporkalypse while the actual Aporkalypse world sets are tested and brought up to date. A Temporkalypse usually runs for about 1 to 5 weeks. All structures built in Temporkalypse are considered canonical and remain part of Aporkalypse legend and lore.