Deep Blue

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Deep Blue
Creator UOG, Knodding
Date 4 February 2011
Region APK southeast of Ankh-Morpork
Coordinates X:5734 Z:3830 Y:77
Location Link

Deep Blue is a deep sea mining rig dedicated to locating rare Earth ores. It was created shortly after the addition of Lapis Lazuli as a centralized branch mine for public use. Its remoteness is because the Deep Blue area is where new chunks were found at the time. Public housing is available on the rig, though all apartments are currently claimed; wheat, cane, tree, and mushroom farms are also onboard.

Deep Blue residents

This is a list of Deep Blue founders and anybody who considers their primary residence to be in or near Deep Blue. Please edit your name in if you would like recognition, and list a few improvements you've made in or near the city.

  • UOG (builder)
  • knodding