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Frogpastian Index is the measure of the size of a Minecraft Aporkalypse structure by whether a fall from its uppermost portions results in death. It quantifies the danger of fall damage and can only be assigned to dimensionally large structures. It was originally inspired by the massive architecture built in Aporkalypse by frogpaste, which occasionally resulted in a player's death while climbing around to admire the work. The term was used by Pete as early as February of 2011.

The Frogpastian Index is expressed as the ratio f = zh / zd , where f is the Frogpastian Index, zh is the height of the structure, and zd is the height which results in death (typically 23 meters). For example, if the fall results in two hearts left or is a fall from 20 meters, the index is 0.85. For a fall which will certainly result in death due to fall damage, the height in meters is simply divided by 23 to obtain the Frogpastian Index. One additional requirement is that the structure must be wholly developed and at least two dimensions must have Frogpastian Indexes exceeding 1.0 (i.e. more than 23 meters in width, height, and/or length); in other words, an index assigned to a simple 50-meter tower of cobble or an undeveloped cliff is not Frogpastian and cannot be assigned an index).