Isle of Rock

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Isle of Rock
Creator BluPrince, Beef_Rockseldge, Smoovestone
Date March-April 2011
Region APK near Besterly
Coordinates X:920 Z:4761 Y:85
Location Link

The Isle of Rock is an artificial "stone biome" created by removing all sand, dirt, and gravel found above sea level. The Isle of Rock is home to a warp hub, and is located in the Besterly region. A road extending from Westerly Road crosses the Isle of Rock, leading to a number of Star Wars themed attractions: Mos Eisley Cantina and Spaceport, a Sandcrawler, and AT-AT walkers.

Euphotic Depth is an underwater habitat reminiscent of Otoh Gunga, the Gungan city from Star Wars. It features a circuit demonstration room, a dual mob grinder, and an inefficient farming sphere. It can be found at the Southern tip of the island, or by following the road labelled "Euphotic Depth" from The Isle of Rock Hub.

At the Northwestern tip, construction is underway on the Atheist Monastery.

The Isle of Rock is served by the Rock Island Line out of Besterly Rail Station.

New construction is welcomed on the Isle, so long as the build is in keeping with the Isle's stony/rocky aesthetic. Please use materials made of some kind of rock or stone. No gravel, sand, or dirt is allowed above sea level. Thus, no trees may be planted above sea level, the exception is the King's Tree, visible from the hub. Finally, mining is prohibited except in natural areas in which caverns extend below sea level; these are designated mine entrances, unless they are claimed for future construction.

The final removal of non-stone material occurred on April 26, 2011. Pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony are located here: [1] [2] [3] [4].