Known Aporkalypse Bugs

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Known Aporkalypse bugs are as follows:

Rotated Chests

Due to the 90-degree compass change in V1.0 (November 2011), double chests have been rotated 90 degrees, sometimes into one another. Players who haven't been on the server in a long time and discover this should break and rebuild the chests if they don't like the rotated placement.

Changed compass directions

Also due to the 90-degree compass change in V1.0 November 2011, north has become west, east has become north, south has become east, and west has become south. As a result, many older road signs, forum posts, and tram lines from before November 18, 2011 may show erroneous directions unless that have been corrected. The change also broke a number of overworld tram systems; most have been repaired but other stations in remote areas may still need to be rebuilt.