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Creator johnboren(KHAAAN),hfsh
Date 27 November 2010
Region APK south of Shroom
Coordinates APK X:-189 Z:6149 Y:57
Location {{{Map}}}

Occidental hub is a great place to grab some porkchops at their world famous diner. It was created as a gateway to the Wild West, hence its name Occidental, but the controversial compass change in Minecraft in fall 2011 changed this to being Aporkalypse's southern frontier.

Occidental residents

This is a list of Occidental founders and anybody who considers their primary residence to be in or near Occidental. Please edit your name in if you would like recognition, and list a few improvements you've made in or near the city.

  • johnboren aka KHAAAN: Diner and Heinlein's rocket
  • hfsh