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Sears Tower, Christmas Tree, and Euro Building.
Notable builds Hamhattan, Mushroom Island, more
Opening date 2012-05-24
Closing date Current
Duration Over 1 year

Reporkalypse is currently the primary MeFightClub minecraft world. It was intended to replace the "old" Aporkalypse world, but in August 2012 it was instead paired with Aporkalypse as the survival world component of the Aporkalypse multiverse. Spawn is located just east of the 0,0 coordinate, and the city of Hamhattan is located northwest of Spawn.


Origin Story

Posted by mistersc on 14 December 2012:

A while ago Apork got too big to manage and was going to require a massive conversion from the old 128-block-high world model to the new 256-block-high world model and Pete didn't have time or resources to deal with it. He started up a new world called Repork and said, "This is our new home."

We were sad but we made do.

Eventually Pete found the time and resources to get Apork converted and we-the-mods + Pete brought it back for everyone as a big surprise on the Apork's 2nd anniversary. Everyone was excited. Apork is hostiles-free. You can still build there if you desire.

Also, to prevent some of the massive exploration spread that we typically generate when we get a new update a third world was introduced - PigDig. Don't build anything permanent there, because it could disappear in a heartbeat. DO go there when you want to vacuum up a shitload of sand, or steal all the ferns in a forest, or strip a swamp of lily pads, or mine for thousands of blocks in one direction. It's a world meant to be used and abused and reset eventually.


The Reporkalypse world consists of all of the Minecraft dimensions: the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. It also connects to the other worlds hosted on the same server: Aporkalypse and the current Temporkalypse (Pig Dig as of November 2012).

The Overworld

Players joining the server for the first time appear in the Reporkalypse Overworld at the game's spawn point on the first continent, just east of the city of Hamhattan and of the world's origin (coordinate 0,0).

The Nether

The End


Maps of Reporkalypse can be found at the Aporkalypse maps page.

Chronological History

May 2012. The server came online on May 24, 2012 running Minecraft V1.2.5, as a survival multiplayer server by TooMuchPete. Builds during the first week included a rail line to Mushroom Island and street grid work in Hamhattan, with Mad Men Tower, Sandstone Castles, and Hotel Zero being the first three structures. A number of grinders were also begun to take advantage of the hostile mobs that spawn in Reporkalypse but not Aporkalypse.

June 2012. There was extensive construction on Mushroom Island during the first week, and all three strongholds were found. There was an attempt to dig out the eastern stronghold, which eventually stalled. Knodding's giant mob grinder nearby took shape. An extensive system of Intersnout systems reached across the map, and two NPC villages were discovered: Gruntee and Phoenix (ehassler). Late in the month, a reed grinder was created by Ariffraff and Mapcratic in to help players stock up on books before Minecraft V1.3, which would introduce writeable books but add leather as an ingredient. Most builds remained within 2 km of Spawn in anticipation of a Minecraft V1.3 release that would introduce chunks with emeralds.

July 2012. A massive treasure hunt began around mid-month based on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This was designed by TooMuchPete and the moderators, and was intended to lead up to a re-activation of the original Aporkalypse world on the server's 2-year anniversary in August.

August 2012. On August 4, a portal to the original Aporkalypse world was opened, and the server was eventually restructured into a multiverse with three worlds: Repork, Apork, and Pigdig. Much of the work in August involved old-time players revisiting and improving old projects on the original Aporkalypse and learning the new emerald and villager-trading economy brought about with Minecraft V1.3.

September 2012. Not much happened on Reporkalypse. Most work was on private projects and secret builds. The giant western content was reverted to public use, later becoming known as the territory of Sagan. Hamhattan expanded into the desert to the northwest, and Samworm created several giant murals, including Nyan Cat and MisterSC's portrait. Work began on a giant dinosaur (Diskeater) and the massive Mont Saint Michel project.

October 2012. The Intersnouts were extended to the northeast and west, connecting Sagan. The Channel Tunnel to Mont Saint Michel was begun. Players awaited the deployment of the V1.4 server and its new mobs, repairs, and alchemy.

November 2012. The first Lard Block Challenge was hosted by samworm on the eastern edge of the Second Continent. A number of players undertook a redesign and expansion of the primary spawn point to enhance the experience for both new and experienced players on the server.

December 2012. The server was upgraded to 1.4.5 and building continued on Apork and Repork, while a new PigDig was created for fresh goodies mining.

Notable Projects

Main article: Reporkalypse Projects

Reporkalypse is much younger than its sibling world Aporkalypse, but players have already created a number of wool murals, buildings, and infrastructure projects.

The most notable community build is the Oracle's Temple. There are also a number of community projects (farms and grinders) that help players to obtain experience or items quickly (grinders are not possible on Aporkalypse, as it does not spawn hostile mobs).

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