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Creator TooMuchPete (original Spawn)
Date August 2010 (original Spawn)
Region APK in the 0,0 area
Coordinates X:39 Z=-51 (original Spawn)
Location Link

Spawn refers to the common point in the Aporkalypse universe where most players appear, either as (1) a new user, (2) a player typing /spawn, or (3) dying and the player's bed being blocked. There have historically been three Spawn sites in the Aporkalypse universe.

  • Spawn originally consisted of a simple elevated wooden platform located near (-40,-40) and a manhole down to the Spawn hub. It was retired in May 2011 and is now known as Old Spawn.
  • The replacement Spawn (APK (-71,-95) was a large pad over a pond in front of the giant Riders of the Aporkalypse statues. This was created in conjunction with the large underground Spawn Community Center accessible via staircases and lifts near the Spawn pools. This is now referred to as APK Spawn and is the common entry point into APK.
  • The APK Spawn site was "demoted" in December 2011 with the rollout of Reporkalypse Spawn, which became the new Spawn location. This is located in the Reporkalypse Spawn Community Center (aprx RPK 250,250 inside a hill). APK Spawn is still active as a spawn-in point but only from the dedicated APK portal at Reporkalypse Spawn Community Center.

Points of Interest at APK Spawn

  • Warp Hub Portal
  • Rotato Shuttle Tram Station (via lift)
  • Aporkalypse Strategic Wool Reserve
  • False Spawn (April Fool)
  • Carpal Tunnel Waterway Entrance
  • Airport (500,-250) - built by breakfast in September 2010