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Creator mistersc, johnstein, rpvernon
Date 26 January 2011
Region About 11 km north of APK Spawn
Coordinates APK X:-515 Z=-11010
Location Link

Sunrise was for a long time the most remote community in Aporkalypse. It is named after its extreme easterly location, 11 km east (now north) of Spawn. Sunrise was a utilitarian community and revolved around the sand biomes just to the southwest and the new lapis lazuli, with both not readily available around the Spawn area. Sunrise soon acquired a warp hub. The size of Sunrise was rapidly eclipsed by the Big Room II (BRII), a massive underground project located at level 12 under Sunrise, and the hub was eventually relocated here.

The Big Room II measures about 200 meters deep, 40 meters wide, and 20 meters high. It is 188,000 cubic meters in volume, about that of a modern sports arena. A sign welcomes visitors with the words Respect what is built, build what isn't. Players are encouraged to expand existing constructions as well as to add their own.



Following the successful Big Room project on the Temporary Aporkalypse server MisterSC promoted a former mining area of Sunrise as the location for Big Room 2. The dig drew a large community of players during a one-week period in mid-March and ultimately led to the relocation of the Hub itself into the new room, roughly below the previous location.

Points of Interest (Within Big Room 2)

The Big Room II area contains various sculptures and objects of intrigue and mystery. Various members have built 2nd (or Nth) homes in the structure.

  • Big Room Corp Executive Offices. A board room dedicated to the design of the Big Room.
  • The Iron Council. Arguably with interior design more imposing than that of the Big Room Corporation, the Iron Council gathers to consider matters of gathering more ferrous material for its rail builds.
  • Big Room Station. If wimpy /home and hub travel isn't your cup of tea, take to the rails at the Big Room station on the northwest side of the structure.
  • Break Room. This is a nook made of colorful green and white wool, with books, snacks, and a refrigerator.
  • Little Room. The little room measures a spacious half cubic meter in volume. Perfect for unruly tots.
  • Penthouse Suites. Looking to impress clients or your mining foreman? Stake out a claim in the multi-level penthouse suites on the south side of Big Room II.
  • Viagra Falls Geothermal Facility. We won't say how this was named, but rest assured that your rooms down under will pack enough heat to last 4 hours, maybe more.
  • Holiday Inn Express. [Sleepy fiddle music plays] This is Tom Bodett for Holiday Inn Express. You know, when you're riding the rails to the Big Room, sometimes the tracks are clicking and clacking and the next thing you know, you're nodding off. Good thing there are five comfy rooms at the Holiday Inn Express. And when you wake up, you'll look at a map and say that the continental breakfast is just transcontinental. So stop by the Holiday Inn Express, and we'll leave a light on for you.
  • Big Room Heritage Museum. Come see carefully-preserved artifacts like iron ore, lapus lazuli, and dirt.
  • McPorkalds. Need a quick refreshment? Stop at McPorkalds and choose from an array of fabulous pork, lamb, and chicken entrees. McPorkald's strict ISO-9000 certification process ensures that no wolf or dog meat is used.
  • Water Pyramid. Take a break near the scenic water pyramid. Cast a diamond for good luck.
  • unSane helix. The unsane helix is a marvel of 21st century aporkalyptic engineering.
  • Sierpinski Sponges. Our prices are insane!
  • Marine Biology Research Unit. Here, miners can test their knowledge of the marine sciences and find out more about squid.
  • Phil Collins Hall. Mining puts one in an energetic frame of mind, and before you know it, you're singing Sussudio. Here we pay tribute to the patron saint of Aporkalypse.
  • Temple of the Meaning of Life. Will you find diamonds today or just more redstone? Occupying an area of only 3 square meters, the Temple of the Meaning of Life offers solace to those seeking the truth.
  • Public Pool. Jump in if you dare.
  • Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Zaphod Beeblebrox just might stop by to get a quick refreshment. You never know.
  • Big Room Roller Coaster. Get the scenic tour on the Big Room roller coaster. Amazing vistas, spectacular views, and death-defying heights await you.
  • Big Room II Little Tour Line. If you can't spare more than 4 seconds, get a quick view of the Big Room in an instant with the tiny Big Room tour.

Points of Interest (Sunrise area)

  • The Ham Depot. Find huge spring savings with free shipping on comfortable stone furniture, appliances, and more at The Ham Depot. Located topside above the Big Room II. This build was dismantled by the owner.
  • "Boom Box" Sculpture. Go to the beach and gaze south. You can almost hear 1979-vintage Van Halen coming out of those 30-foot speakers.
  • Desert Biome and public sand mines. Take the train to the Desert Biome and load up on all the silicon you can carry.
  • Equator Room and Equator train line. Due south of Big Room II, either through Phil Collins Hall or down the Equator Line train line, you can experience the thrill of standing in two hemispheres at once.
  • "Overland" train line. Constructed by rpvernon, the 7 km Overland train line takes you all the way to the BDP project.
  • Lake View Deux. It's as far east as you can get in Aporkalypse. Our community is in a desirable neighborhood close to schools and the Big Room shopping center.

Sunrise residents

This is a list of Sunrise founders and anybody who considers their primary residence to be in or near Sunrise. Please edit your name in if you would like recognition, and list a few improvements you've made in or near the city.

  • snoble14 (main build on Apork is closest to Sunrise)