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Creator Cadbury_fingers, Kraiklyn24, Mistergerald, Tiddy22
Date 4 February 2011
Region About 4 km northeast of APK Spawn
Coordinates APK X:2465 Z:-1826
Location Link

Tincanbot (TCB) Village is located on APK about 4 km northeast of Spawn. It the joint creation of the following players: Cadbury_fingers, Kraiklyn24, Mistergerald and Tiddy22. As a promotion for the townsite, an art competition was hosted here in April 2011. The location received a hub on 7 May 2011. The area went into decline following the departure of CadburyFingers after a land dispute in July 2011.

Current Projects

Fort Hollow


TCB Hotel


TCB Holiday Homes


TCB Citadel and Mob Factory


Embassy for the Republic of TinCanBot

Genesis Project (aka Nuthanger Farm (aka The Eden Project (aka place we grow stuff)))


Tiddy22's Cowboy town

The TinCanBot Republic

Completed Projects

Cloud Storage (Cadbury Fingers)

Transport Links

Tincanbot Village is served by Tincanbot Citadel Station on the South East Line, which links the site directly to Rotato Junction.