Big Floaty Notional Park

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Big Floaty Notional Park
Creator Kattullus, Klosterhiem and choolfool
Date October 5, 2010
Region North of APK Spawn
Coordinates APK X:-500 Z=-2400
Location Link

Big Floaty Notional Park is a nature reserve located about 2 km east of Spawn. It was first proposed on 3 October 2010 by Kattulus, who built a nature preserve on a different Minecraft server only to find that "people showed up and just starting treating it as terra nullius even though everything was clearly marked (goddamnit)". The new incarnation of the nature preserve on Aporkalypse has endured for almost a year and is widely respected as a "do not build" site.

Currently the park is intermittently maintained by Kattullus, Klosterhiem and choolfool. Various park features, both natural and constructed, are linked by gravel paths.

The boundaries of the park are roughly in the space between x= -600 to 400 and z= -2000 to -2900. No player should build any structure or dig within these coordinates without prior arrangement with Kattullus or a moderator. The boundaries of the park are signposted.


Natural Features

  • Big Floaty
  • Big Bald Stone Mountain
  • Twin Falls
  • Cloudkettle Crater
  • Angelfall Crater
  • Father of Waters Mountain
  • The Cowtools

Finished features

  • Visitor Center
  • Porkbelly Caverns
  • Big Floaty Viewing Area
  • Big Floaty Sand Elevator

Features under construction

  • Circle Trail

Future features

  • Oceanographic Welcome Center

Secret features

  • The Abysmal Staircase
  • Unmaintained Trail
  • Undead Preservation Areas
  • Lover's Leap