New Hamsterdam

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New Hamsterdam
Creator Kabaddi Champion '94, Topherclay
Date December 2010
Region South of APK Spawn
Coordinates APK X:-152 Z=-1442
Location Link

New Hamsterdam is a planned community located West of Spawn centered on .51374,.51674 Conveniently located on the Carpal Tunnel southern track, this area already features MrBismarck's soccer stadium Porkman Road. There is also a stargate warp hub inside of Grand Central Station that will take you downtown directly from spawn.

View of location

It features numerous zoned neighborhoods, each designed to inspire and spark creative new architecture. Some restrictions will be placed on building size and types of blocks allowed, depending on district.

Beardlace Industries is currently hosting a New Hamsterdam Sculpture Contest.



Heavy Commercial


Develop and change the skyline forever. Build dynamic towers that reach out to the sky.

Examples of possible styles include:

Art Deco






And any other style you care to emulate.

Lot size: 13 x 13, 11 x 13, 11 x 11,

Max height: 60

Max depth: A yet to be determined distance above the level Carpal Tunnel is at, it runs right under the Skyscraper block

Allowable materials: No Fire or Lava

Medium Commericial

If you don't care to build that high up into the sky, we have an entire district set aside for quicker builds. Office Buildings, warehouses, any multiple story commercial style building you can dream up will fit comfortably in here.

Lot size: 11 x 11

Max height: 40

Allowable materials: No Fire or Lava

Light Commerical

Storefronts, pork stands, restaurants, bars, car washes.

Lot size: Varies

Max height: Currently the only light commercial zone is limited in height by the stadium

Allowable materials: No Fire or Lava

Light Residential

Have a home away from home. Pick a housing style, get a suitable plot of land, and build.

House Style guide and Wikipedia's list of house styles are good starting points for inspiration.

Lot size: 11 x 11, 11 x 13

Max height: 30

Allowable materials: No Fire or Lava

Medium Residential

Condos and high-rise apartments, currently all lots are set for a single owner, in the future some multi-family dwellings may be built.

Lot size: 11 x 11, 11 x 13

Max height: 40

Allowable materials: No Fire or Lava


Mob and Wheat Farmers, Redstone Mechanics, inventors, tinkerers, and machinists, this is the area for you to build and test your contraptions. This area will depend on the location of mob spawners.

You must apply for a permit to build on an industrial lot. For more information contact IrateJawn

Lot size: variable

Max height: variable

Allowable materials: any


This area will feature artistic structures and challenge areas for different types of objects. Challenge may be on a theme such as hot air balloons, pig sculptures, whatever any of us dream up.

Lot size: variable

Max height: variable

Allowable materials: variable

Green Space

New Hamsterdam will feature a large central park and several other smaller community parks and gardens

Pork Authority

All lots South of Park Avenue are subject to the rules and regulations of the Pork Authority, as they run above Carpal Tunnel. Currently they are only allowed to build 10 blocks below sea level. Owners of these lots also agree that the Pork Authority may build on, above, or below their construction as transit needs warrant. The Pork Authority also runs Grand Central Station. Currently the Pork Authoridy is run by IrateJawn

Grand Central Station

Grand Central currently services Carpal Tunnel West, but will soon offer connections between Carpal Tunnel, the Rotato Tram, City Metro, and the Glass Skybridge network. It is also the city's public crafting house. All items in chests there are free for public use. Please drop off any excess materials you have in the appropriate chests.

Public Library

A spacious building dedicated to the growing of knowledge. Collections are housed on the first two floors and there is a public reed and tree farm in the basement, though the Pork Authority asks that these materials are used for book, bookcases, and furniture only. The library is also soon to feature a free book box and signs in the various sections linking to pertinent wiki entries.

City Hall

Not much is know about the acting mayor's plans for city hall, though there have been mutterings of a wheat farm underneath.

Lot Titles

A list of available and claimed lots and their zoning. Zoning and addresses are determined by which street your building's main entrance is on. Mixed use buildings with two addresses are allowable.

To claim a lot you must visit the site and put a sign with your name there. A claim registered on the wiki is not valid unless it has also been marked in-game.

The addresses listed are not the only ones possible, simply where signs have currently been placed, true addresses will be determined by the construction at each lot.

East/West Avenues

Stadium Lane

No construction at this time, please.

Ocean Avenue

100-200 block - Heavy Commercial

300 block - Industrial

100 - Map of New Hamsterdam (Topherclay)

102 - Royal Games, Inc. (BluPrince)

104 - New Hamersterdam Fish and Game Department (Topherclay)

202 - The Grey Light Building (Graelight)

204 - Wakefield Tower (IrateJawn

206 - Beardlace Industries Skyscraper (Beardlace)

303 - Cactus Green Factory (IrateJawn)

304 - Sugar Refinery (IrateJawn)

305 - New Ham Public Tree Farm (IrateJawn)

306 - Chicken Factory (Under Construction)

Force Tube Avenue

100-200 block - Heavy Commercial

300 block - Industrial

201 - Grand Central Station (Pork Authority)

304 - New Hamsterdam Dirt Repository (Pork Authority)

306 - Wheat Farm (MisterSC?)

308 - ATM - Automated Treasure from Mobs (Brenfast?)

Mason Avenue

100-200 - North side - Medium Commercial, South side - Heavy Commercial

300 - North side - Medium Residential, South side - Medium Commercial

103 - Weapon Shop and Archery Range (acatisfine)

Park Avenue

101 - Electrichat's Humble Hobble Home

103 - Topherclay

201 - Mhkid

202 - Wakefield Manor (IrateJawn)

202a - Bureau of Analytical Reasearch (Pork Authority)

203 - Rollbiz

205 - Up for Adoption

a301 - Harald74

303 - Breakfast's Relaxing Cottage

Westgate Road

100 - Light Residential

100 - The Wire Lowrises

North/South Streets

Market Street

East Side - 100-200 block - Heavy Commercial, 300-500 block - Medium Commercial

West Side - 100-500 block - Undefined Commercial lots, limited in size by the stadium walls. This area has been designated a nightlife corridor by the Pork Authority and construction of bars is highly encouraged.

102 - Vacant

104 - Vacant

202 - Vacant

204 - 1st Bank of New Hamsterdam (kalad1)

302 - Vacant

303 - Market Street Saloon (IrateJawn)

304 - Claimed for Spain and greenie2600

401 - Sand Bar (IrateJawn)

404 - Woodcraft and Smelting [acatisfine]


100-200 block - Heavy Commercial

300 block - Medium Commercial

400-500 block - East Side - Light Residential, West Side - Medium Residential

101 - Vacant

102 - Vacant

103 - Vacant

104 - Vacant

201 - In developement (JLeavitt)

202 - Grand Central Station

203 - In development (wtdoor)

204 - Department of Motorized Carts (topherclay)

301 - Shooting Range [acatisfine]

302 - The Apple Store

303 - Vacant

306 - Leather Pants Emporium (IrateJawn)

403 - jatha's home

404 - small wooden house (Topherclay)

406 - thehax Home

501 - 507 - The Low Rises (Kabaddi and rollbiz)

504 - The Scott/Tiger Residence

506 - Raised Gamer Pad (Topherclay)

508 - Eruonna's Home

509 - Community Build Site

Water Street

100 block - Heavy Commercial

200-300 block - Medium Commercial

102 - Vacant

103 - Silicide and Silicon Building (Kabaddi)

104 - Water Street Lofts (Irate Jawn)

Unit 201 - Vacant

Unit 202 - Model Unit

Unit 301 - Vacant

Unit 302 - Vacant

Unit 401 - Vacant

Unit 402 - Vacant

Unit 501 - Vacant

Unit 502 - Vacant

105 - Kabaddi School for Girls

106 - Vacant

201 - Grand Central Station

202 - Water Street Fire and rescue

203 - Spoon's Records

204 - New Hamsterdam Mushroom Soup Kitchen and Breadline

301 - New Hamsterdam Museum of Natural History (Greenie2600)

302 - New Hamsterdam Museum of Art (Topherclay)

303 - Pork Authority Office (Pork Authority)

304 - New Hamsterdam Temple of Lights (Topherclay) Free torches!

Stone Street

200-300 block - Medium Residential, Government

400-500 block - East side - Medium Residential, West side - Light Residential

200 - New Hamsterdam Public Library (Pork Authority)

201 - Vacant

203 - Kabaddi townhomes

300 - New Hamsterdam City Hall (Pork Authority)

301 - Vacant

303 - Vacant

403 - Ford Prefecture Traveing Acolyte Sanctuary (btford)

405 - Snjo's house

501 - Sasshat's House

503 - Vacant

505 - Vacant

507 - Vacant

509 - BluPrince's Woolen Clubhouse

The Road

The Road is an attempt to build the longest road in the Aporkalypse, currently stretching about 6 km northward. Head north on Broadway and go past the gates. Large art sculptures will greet you on the other side. A few kilometers further, connections to the Chorizo Tunnel and to the Shroom are currently in place, as well as a short road to the town of GammonGetIt.

Development is welcome along the road. Please leave room for large art sculptures closer to the city. We're always accepting volunteers to continue Road construction.

Construction Progress

Construction of New Hamsterdam is open to the public. Pick a lot and build!

New Hamsterdam residents

This is a list of New Hamsterdam founders and anybody who considers their primary residence to be in or near New Hamsterdam. Please edit your name in if you would like recognition, and list a few improvements you've made in or near the city.

  • add your name here (add a few improvements you've made)