South Hub

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South Hub
Creator Mr. Pokeylope
Date 2 December 2010
Region Southeast of APK Spawn
Coordinates APK X:1483 Z=873
Location Link

South Hub is a small community area in APK. Nearby attractions include the Lava Zoo and Isengard. During spring 2011 its rail station was the only way to reach Alashyre. Later in the year South Hub found itself the focal point of a rail connection between Spawn and Ankh Morpork, however by late summer it was bypassed by the NHN.

South Hub residents

This is a list of South Hub founders and anybody who considers their primary residence to be in or near South Hub. Please edit your name in if you would like recognition, and list a few improvements you've made in or near the city.

  • Mr. Pokeylope
  • Snidesniper
  • eyeballkid
  • feantari