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This is a comprehensive list of projects that were planned, underway, or completed in Aporkalypse. Projects are organized by hub.

Nearest Hub Project Name (Description) Creator/s Coordinates (x,z) Link to Map
Spawn Frogpaste Caverns (underground) Frogpaste Map
Spawn Spawn TooMuchPete Map
Spawn Riders of the Aporkalypse Sesquiculus Map
Spawn The Graboid snide sniper Map
Spawn Mini Empire State Building SenorRoboto Map
Porkton Porkton (collaborative city) Acrolz Map
Porkton Casa Del Jimbob / Proscuitto Canal / Crackling Swamp OzJimbob Map
Algebracon Pork Pi Island exoxe Map
New Hamsterdam New Hamsterdam (collaborative city) Irate Jawn/ beardlace Map
New Hamsterdam Big Bald Andy Mountain snide sniper Map
New Hamsterdam New Hamster Dam Ardeaem Map
New Hamsterdam David Attenborough Wildlife Sanctuary Ardeaem Map
New Hamsterdam Volcano Bridge snide sniper Map
Shroom The Great Shroom TooMuchPete Map
Shroom Spiral Forest FishBike Map
St. John Lighthouse anthill Map
St. John St. John Hub Building mistersc Map
St. John A Yurt Kabaddi Map
St. John Vatican City (collaborative project) cortex / wilsonsd / others Map
St. John Public Mines mistersc Map
St. John Aporkalypse Mob Observation Center (AMOC) mistersc Map
St. John Big Floaty Notional Park Kattullus / Klosterhiem / choolfool Map
St. John Liminal Village mistersc -412, -3036
Multiple Carpal Tunnel mistersc/IrateJawn Map
Multiple Kabaddi Tunnel Kabaddi Map
Multiple Chorizo Tunnel FishBike Map
Multiple Intersnout 75 crapmatic/grjohnst/joecacti
Southern Outpost Ankh-MorePork Snjo Map
Southern Outpost Eccentric Edifices snide sniper Map
Southern Outpost Hog Heaven Botanical Gardens snide sniper Map
Southern Outpost Ponte Coperto snide sniper Map
Southern Outpost Lava Zoo Feantari / Mr. Pokeylope Map
Southern Outpost Isengard Feantari Map
Southern Outpost The Tomb of Tocino eddorama Map
Sunrise Mob fishing eddorama Map
Occidental Hub a stone and brick bridge snide sniper Map
Occidental Hub a big wooden viaduct snide sniper Map
Occidental Hub Jenny Marker (community build welcome) crapmatic 867, 5309 Map
Prefecture Take It to the Bridge snide sniper Map
Prefecture The Community Canvas snide sniper Map
Prefecture a curvy iron bridge snide sniper Map
Prefecture "Dear Prudence" musical walkway snide sniper Map
Isle of Rock Mos Eisley Concolora / Noritoru Map
New Hamsterdam The New Ham Porkies' HQ, Museum and Hangout sdoleck Map
New Hamsterdam Secret Project in the basement sdoleck/knodding Map

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