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When I try to join the server, I get an error message

First, keep in mind that if you get any kind of error immediately after entering your user name and password, followed by the option to play offline, then the problem is with Minecraft.net or your connectivity to it, rather than with the Aporkalypse server itself. If you are past the "Multiplayer" page, then it is probably an Aporkalypse problem or an issue with your client.

  • Took too long to login: This is an error caused by Minecraft.net failing to respond to the server's queries. This is purely an effect of the heavy load on Minecraft.net. Keep trying and you'll probably be able to connect eventually.
  • End of stream: You lost connection to the server. Either the server went down, or your Internet went down, or you attempted to connect to the server too fast twice or more times in a row. Be all to exit all of your Minecraft clients, wait a minute, then restart Minecraft and try again.
  • Connection refused: The Aporkalypse server itself is down or in the process of restarting. Check the discussion board's Aporkalypse Server discussion thread for updates about the server status, or try again a little later.
  • Bad login: This may happen if Minecraft.net is messed up, you using a cracked client, or your client needs to re-authenticate with minecraft.net. Try restarting your Minecraft client.
  • User not premium: Either you were not able to authorize your login with Minecraft.net (due to problems on their end) or you are using a cracked client.
  • Outdated client: The server is running a newer version of Minecraft than the one you have. You need to update your Minecraft client. You may want to back up your Minecraft copy in case there is the opportunity to play on an alternate Aporkalypse server running an older server version.
  • Outdated server: The server is running an older version of Minecraft than the one you have, probably in order to provide a stable gameplay world while bugs are worked out in the upgrade. To play this world you will need to restore an older version of Minecraft from a backup.
  • Disconnected by server: You have either been kicked or banned, or your previous session is still going on the server. Restarting your Minecraft client and/or waiting will sometimes fix this.
  • The server is full: The server has reached its maximum number of players. Try waiting about 5 or 10 minutes.

How do I get around?

You can get most places by walking. You may also use any available trams that you find, so it's a good idea to have a minecart in your inventory.

Can I go into other people's private properties?

Yes! Unlike some servers which restrict people from entering private homes, you are welcome to explore private homes and projects, unless it is a secret build marked by a sign asking you not to enter.

How do I find a place to start mining/building? Can I build at this spot?

See the Aporkalypse Places to Build article for suggestions.

What are some suggestions for proper behavior and etiquette on the server?

First of all, you must check the Aporkalypse Rules and Community Standards section. As far as etiquette, the maxim "be excellent to each other" prevails... this is known on our server as being rotato.

I think someone stole something, or something disappeared.

Contact a moderator with a cyan color in the text chat window, preferably privately through /msg or a whisper on the forum, and ask them to take a look. They'll be glad to check around and figure out how to handle things.

Why can't I pick up the fish I catch?

This is yet another known bug.

Will the NSA look through my chests?

Only if there's a lot of gunpowder.