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This could be you!

Welcome to the Aporkalypse!


I've never played this game before in my life!

1. Purchase Minecraft. It costs €19.95 for the current version. Beware that when setting up a account, the user name you use there will be your name in the game, too. So pick a name you want other players to see.

2. Download and install the game.

3. Find and run minecraft.exe.

4. Log on with your user name and password.

5. Click on "Multiplayer" then type in the address given on the main page of this Wiki.

Your name will be in dark gray instead of white or light gray. It means you're still in tourist mode. You can walk around and check everything out but can't possess any items or change the world in any way. Pressing t will open up the chatbox so you can talk to others currently online.

It runs on the usual first person controls. W moves you forward, S backwards, A left, D right, space to jump. Look around with the mouse.

Press T to open the chat window. Aporkalypse players are very friendly, so talk to us if you need help!

You may find these resources useful:

  • Minecraft Wiki, the official Minecraft wiki for crafting recipes, etc.

I want a tour!

First and foremost, open up the map. It shows you the entire above-ground world.

If you want to see some intense underground work, go to the big HI by spawn. There will be steps down and you can see frogpaste's caverns.

Feel free to ask in chat if anyone will be willing to show you around.

Near Spawn, an obsidian square surrounds a ladder to the warp hub system; this is an easy way to visit a number of places in a short amount of time.

I want to build!

First, you'll have to become authorized. Please read the Aporkalypse Rules and Community Standards and decide if you're willing to abide them. If you are, follow the server access instructions shown there.

Your name will become light gray and you will become a trusted citizen of Aporkalypse, though you will still not be able to use buckets or fire just yet.

We have some suggested places to build, and also some tools and resources that might help you.

Server commands:

Typing /help in the chat window displays a list of server commands. See the Aporkalypse Server Commands page for more about these.