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To add towns in the new Aporkalypse server, please use Reporkalypse towns.
This article contains information on a retired Minecraft world. It is archived here for historical purposes only.

Aporkalypse Towns were communal areas in Aporkalypse that were planned, designed, and built by the server community. Usually divided into lots, towns were unusual in that they were collaborative works by many builders in close proximity. The building standards for each town varied, although they usually adhered to the Minecraft spirit of allowing as much freedom and creative license as possible. The most common restriction was a ban on lava or other fire-spreading materials, due to the inherent risk of fire, which was compounded by the current glitchy implementation of fire on multiplayer servers.

City name Map link Coordinates Description
New Hamsterdam ("New Ham") map link -150, 1450 New Ham is currently the largest, most populated city in Aporkalypse. It features a vibrant art district and a busy downtown area.
Porkton map link -2000, -600 Porkton, among the oldest cities in Aporkalypse and originally founded by arcolz, is the capital of the north. It is surrounded by a massive city wall.
Ankh-Morpork ("Morepork") map link 2000, 2800 Ankh-Morepork is one of Aporkalypse's most sprawling cities and is a major rail hub. It features the Patrician's Palace, an Opera House, and Vimes Mansion.
Sunrise map link -550, -11030 Sunrise is a small agrarian village co-located with the Big Room II project underground.
Lakeview II map link -700, -11300 Sunrise is the single most easterly city in the Aporkalypse universe, built during the great Big Room II dig. It is currently the site of mistersc's Ocean Dig.
Diocletian's Palace ("Dio") map link -800, -9375 This real-life recreation of Diocletian's Palace was designed in April 2011 by rebent and forerunner343, evolving into a massive community build.
Vatican City map link -1800, -3700 Vatican City is one of the first major models on Aporkalypse of a real world site.
Deep Blue map link 5730, 3830 This is the far southwest frontier of the Aporkalypse universe, centered on an offshore rig.
Besterly map link 800, 4550 Besterly is a rapidly growing town, and is in close proximity to Isle of Rock, Euphotic Depths, Tatooine, the Drop It Like It's Hot grinder, and many other attractions.
Alashyre map link 3350, 1000 Alashyre is located deep within the continent of Stavostralia, and is adjacent to the small town Port Grinington.
Veniceon map link 1000, -3950 A small village that recreates some of the mystique of Italy's Venice.
Tincanbot map link 2450, -1850 Tincanbot is the capital of Frontier Land, located about 3 km down the Frontier Highway.
Margaritaville map link -3000, 0 It's the tiniest of community builds, but it's on a beach and right on the Prime Meridian. Growth is slow, but everyone takes their time at Margaritaville.
Spawn map link 80, -80 There's not a town or village here proper, but a community center and dormitories exist.
Occidental map link -150, 6150 Occidental is a small community in the distant northwest regions, just past Besterly. It's the perfect destination for the traveler seeking something off the beaten path.
John Boren map link 350, 7350 Far, far in the west is the small John Boren community, which is centered around a Heinlein spaceport and features an art museum and a Maze of Elements.
Rotato Outpost map link 1050, -2200 This ancient and largely-forgotten community sits in Frontier Land near the terminus of the Rotato Line. Found here is the HMS Inflammable and the Brundlesaurus Rex sculpture.